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We produce family-friendly music. Songs that both children and grown-ups can enjoy.


Little Baby Jesus

Little Baby Jesus honors the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Sunny Day

Sunny Day gives voice to the struggles of young black men striving to make a plan in life.


Daddy Day

Daddy Day encourages fathers to be present and purposeful in the lives of their children. 



Valentine celebrates the excitement of boy meeting girl and the hope of a bright future.


A.B.C. Power

Where will your ABCs take you? A song about the incredible power of learning.


Mayhem at Mana Pools

The Animals at Mana Pools are acting awfully strangely. I wonder that has gotten into them!

About Chitima

Chitima is a Collective

by Zamchiya Music

Chitima is the Shona word for “train.” This Chitima is the collective of artists. A group of vocalists, songwriters, music producers, who are working to bring you music that motivates. Music that encourages us all to be the best we can in this life. 

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