A Publishing Company for
Africa-Related Content

The world is a better when everyone can see themselves in the
stories they read, and learn about others in the books they enjoy.


Publishing Services.

We work primarily with authors of African descent. Our dynamic team of writers, editors, illustrators, designers, book strategists, and marketers are here to help you take your book from plan to print.

Editorial Services

We help authors find their voice and refine their messages so they can best convey their beliefs, ideas, and sentiments to the people who partner with them as readers.

Book Illustration

There are many ways to tell a story. Our network of illustrators are at the ready to complement the power of your words with the vitality of resonating pictures and images.

Book Design

Our world class book designers will help design, format, and typeset your book in the format and style that aligns with your content and sets your book up for success.

Publishing & Printing

When your material is ready, we help you get it to market. We facilitate the publishing and printing process to make your book a physical reality.


Your book needs to get into the hands of readers. We help you put you book in front of a wide global network of online and offline booksellers

Marketing Services

We help get your book on the map by sourcing print coverage, interviews, events, and social media presence to help it successfully launch.


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