About Us

Bringing beauty in black.

What We Do

Zamchiya is an education and entertainment company that develops platforms and produces content designed to inspire and encourage children and adults by celebrating the lives, experiences, ideas, imagination, and creativity of people of African descent. We bring out the beauty in black. 

Where We Stand


Our stories help children explore relationships in family, community, culture, and society.

Creative thinking

Our stories challenge children to ask questions, think critically, and build  understanding. 

Global Stories

Our stories span across the continent and the world because Africans are everywhere.

Rich Stories

We bring entertainment with both historical, contemporary and imaginary figures.

Beauty in Black

We celebrate people of African descent, so that children see African faces and hear African voices.


We produce engaging content for children that families can greatly enjoy together.

Our Vision

We look forward to a world where children, youth, and adults of African descent have no lack of meaningful educational and entertainment media. Media that reflects their ideas, culture, and experiences. Media that gives them voice to share their lives with the world.

Our Mission

We have a simple purpose. We wake up everyday with a renewed commitment to build beauty in black. We do this by working with exceptional artists and creatives to produce stories that entertain and educate through the medium of the black experience. Our entertainment offers historical, contemporary, and imaginary figures.

Contact Us

(202) 599-0951

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