Mayhem at Mana Pools

Quickly, your help is needed! Life in Mana Pools has become very strange, and nobody has any idea why? Perhaps you are good at solving problems. Take a look at the animals from A to Z, and please, do tell, what you see!

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Mayhem at Mana Pools

The alphabet is marvelous. This is the ABCs book you have been waiting for. One the whole family can enjoy. Yes, both first-time ABC learners and old-hat alphabet experts will get a kick out of the ZimAnimals!

What are ZimAnimals, you ask? Well, the ZimAminals are a community of wonderfull Zimbabwean Animals that live at Mana Pools. Where is Mana Pools exactly? It is in the northern part of the country, where the Zambezi river flows. Mana Pools is one of the world’s most amazing animal conservation parks. Under normal circumstances, the animals are a delight to see and watch.

But I must warn you. These are not normal times. Something has happened at Mana Pools. The animals are far from normal. Your help is needed. Without you, I don’t think anyone can figure out why there is such mayhem in Mana Pools. Can I count on you to help?

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