The Adventures of
Lula and Buso

Join Lula and Buso, as well as their dad (Baba), and their Teddy (Orange Bear). Travel with them as they explore the past and discover truths about African history.

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A Splash at Victoria Falls

When Baba announces they’re going on a trip, it makes Lula and Buso’s hearts just skip. A trip? Hooray! If they had their way they’d leave today! The curious kids can’t wait to be told. Where are they going? How will the journey unfold? Baba giggles as he wonders. How will they react to the smoke that thunders?

Who Built Great Zimbabwe

A ruined dollhouse makes Lula’s heart sink. But the ruins at Great Zimbabwe make the entire family think. Who built this kingdom? Where did its architectural brilliance really come from? What will Lula and Buso discover? What might their visit to Great Zimbabwe uncover?

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