From The Adventures of Lula & Buso Series

Lula and Buso are a dynamic duo sister and brother. As the title of this series suggests, the two siblings live a life that is adventure bound. Together with their father (Baba) and Orange Bear, their Teddy, Lula and Buso discover incredible things about their African history, culture, and experience. They have a lot of fun doing so!

A Splash at Victoria Falls

When Baba announces they’re going on a trip, it makes Lula and Buso’s hearts just skip. A trip? Hooray! If they had their way they’d leave today! The curious kids can’t wait to be told. Where are they going? How will the journey unfold? Baba giggles as he wonders. How will they react to the smoke that thunders?

The Adventures of Lula & Buso: A Splash at Victoria Falls is available everywhere books are sold. 

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